Personal Project, January 2023

Environmentally conscious yet playful thrift shop brand, Loved-Up, a reseller of preloved and up-cycled goods required a small branding package to get their business started.

The brand aims to encourage playful thinking and creativity to give old things a new life and purpose while also educating their target audience about the importance of living and environmentally friendly life. 

I focused on a modern-retro influence for the brand typography and mark to really hit the old but new vibe. I wanted to step away from the typical green colour palettes usually associated with environmentally friendly brands and went with a bold, retro-inspired red for maximum impact.

Instead of branded packaging for sending items to the customer, we opted for a simple sticker to be used on recycled boxes and mailers and branded water-activated packing tape to keep the cohesive brand experience. The swing tags used for labeling in-store goods are also made from recycled paper. I included an informative “Reduce, reuse, recycle” sticker for customers for brand awareness, education and inspiring people to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.